Ovarian Cyst


What is Ovarian Cyst?

Ovarian cyst is fluid-filled sac in or around the ovaries. Although most ovarian cysts are harmless, however, some may cause symptoms such as ovarian pain, bleeding and rupture.

ovarian cyst


Cause of Ovarian Cyst

The cause of ovarian cyst is still largely unknown. Some doctors think that ovary cyst could be the results of environmental factor, personal habit, or mental state.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst

Some early symptoms of ovarian cyst are:

Pain during menstruation, or pain after beginning menstruation, or pain after end of menstrual period, Irregular periods, irregular menstruation, spotting between periods, uterine bleeding, infertility, frequent urination, lower abdomen pain, etc.


Ovarian Cyst Treatment

The main stream western treatment for ovarian cyst is surgery (laparoscopy or laparotomy) or pain reliever which do not provide satisfactory results.

Herbal Ovarian Cyst Treatment

Our herbal treatment for ovarian cyst is a much better treatment option for women with ovarian cyst. Since surgery will cause damage to ovaries, our herbal therapy applies herbal medicine to improve the condition of ovarian cyst and shrink them gradually.


Sitz Bath Therapy with Herbs for Ovarian Cyst

For instance, herbal sitz bath therapy stimulates blood flow condition in ovaries and its nearby tissues, improve stagnant condition of ovaries. The efficacy of our herbal ovarian cyst treatment will be shown after ovarian cysts shrink gradually.


Acupuncture Therapy to Cure Ovarian Cyst

Acupuncture therapy reverses the debilitating condition of ovaries and restores their normal physiological functions. Heating and stimulation of acupuncture points will prevent ovarian cyst from further deteriorating. With the synergy of other herbal therapies, ovarian cyst can be cured or controlled naturally.


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